Started and run by
dedicated HBHS students

Founded in 2016 by dedicated students, the HBHS Robotics Team gives any interested student the ability to learn engineering and design, programming, and business through the FIRST Robotics Competition.

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HBHS Robotics Team founding members
FRC LA Regional, 2017

Teaching real skills
through real situations

The HBHS Robotics Team teaches students about programming, electrical and mechanical engineering and design, data analysis, and business.

The HBHS Robotics Team competes yearly in the FIRST Robotics Competition which challenges students to design and build a specialized robot in six weeks. After building, the team heads off to a regional competition where students learn data collection, management, and analysis by recording and analyzing how other robots perform to improve strategy.

While in the off-season, students switch focus to business, where they must raise money to pay for registration, tools, parts, and materials for the next year's robot.

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Our robots

Because the FIRST Robotics Competition changes each year, we need to build and program a new robot each year.

FIRST Steamworks, 2017

The team prepares to take flight for the 2017 game, FIRST Steamworks!

FIRST Stronghold, 2016

The team's rookie game, FIRST Stronghold where we succesfully conquered castles.

Past games

Click to learn more about FIRST Robotics Competition games prior to 2016.

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